Short Essay – Children should go Hagwon. (YES)

The following essay is the short peice of writing that I did at Hagwon.

                    Everyone has unless one experience that made you to have a hard time while studying. And one of the most common reason is, that you have no one to get a help you and ask a question. And that’s why Hagwon exists. It is true that there are some negative points about Hagwon, yes, it is true, but most of them are not important or only affects to few students. To make our future brighter and better, it is necessary to go to Hagwon.

                    Everyone would have experienced hard time while studying yourself without no one’s help. Well, that makes you to suffer from study and makes studying boring. But, with hagwon, you wouldn’t have to worry about it. You can always ask Hagwon teachers who’s always ready to help you. This way is better than Google or any other resources because they’re professional at their subject.

Also, they force you to study. This can be feeling like awkward, but it is not. Most of the students do not study if someone does not force them to study. And If no one does, then they would not study and might get a bad grade at their exam, and this defiantly affects to your future and can be an obstacle Later. But Hagwon forces you to study by giving them many homework’s and exams. I’m sure do not like hagwon now, but you’ll defiantly thank them later.

Although there are many ways to study, Hagwon is the best choice because It helps you from a hard time during studying, and they forces you to do your job. So you should not think Hagwon as a devil to make you suffer, but should think that they’re your kind study helper. Because you’ll defiantly thank them later!

Well, I think this is super short, but having everything inside!
( Since I’m super NOOB to writing an Essay, my writing might be weird :< )

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