Essay – Say yes to Recycling.

Say yes to Recycling.

                Did you know that environment problem is getting serious every second? Unfortunately, the answer is ‘yes’. Because of the various reason such as: Gas from the factories, and cars, etc. To avoid us to leave the earth, we have to be aware of environment, which the best way to improve it is: recycling! But there are some people who is STILL not recycling, so in my opinion, we have to make them pay for not recycling because throwing trashes without recycling makes lot of energy leak, makes earth dirtier, and costs a lot to clean them.

                If you do a recycle, then we can re-use the resources by re-produce them. But, if you don’t do, then the whole trash in that group will be ended up burning, which we are just wasting our energies and resources that we can use it and affects to an environment.

                Also, it makes the earth dirtier. If you don’t do recycle, then we will have to throw it away even though we can reuse it few more time. And most of the company just simply throws it away to a field, which it takes a lot to recycle it. It is also bad for environment, and it is also bad to see it. Just imagine that you have a big trash mountain in front of your house, you must feel very unpleasant.

                Lastly, it costs a lot to clean it. To reuse the trashes that was not recycled, we have to wash it and sanitize it, which also costs a lot of money. And it is un-fair for everyone to pay it because of the people who didn’t recycle it because it’s their fault, so it will be fair for them to pay money.

                People really hates paying money, especially, taxes. To make everyone do recycle. We must pay make them pay if they don’t recycle. Because if you don’t then they will not be going to recycle, we will lose the resources that we can use, will make the environment worse. And mostly, it costs a lot to sanitize or throws it away.

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