Essay – Say yes to Recycling.

Say yes to Recycling.

                Did you know that environment problem is getting serious every second? Unfortunately, the answer is ‘yes’. Because of the various reason such as: Gas from the factories, and cars, etc. To avoid us to leave the earth, we have to be aware of environment, which the best way to improve it is: recycling! But there are some people who is STILL not recycling, so in my opinion, we have to make them pay for not recycling because throwing trashes without recycling makes lot of energy leak, makes earth dirtier, and costs a lot to clean them.

                If you do a recycle, then we can re-use the resources by re-produce them. But, if you don’t do, then the whole trash in that group will be ended up burning, which we are just wasting our energies and resources that we can use it and affects to an environment.

                Also, it makes the earth dirtier. If you don’t do recycle, then we will have to throw it away even though we can reuse it few more time. And most of the company just simply throws it away to a field, which it takes a lot to recycle it. It is also bad for environment, and it is also bad to see it. Just imagine that you have a big trash mountain in front of your house, you must feel very unpleasant.

                Lastly, it costs a lot to clean it. To reuse the trashes that was not recycled, we have to wash it and sanitize it, which also costs a lot of money. And it is un-fair for everyone to pay it because of the people who didn’t recycle it because it’s their fault, so it will be fair for them to pay money.

                People really hates paying money, especially, taxes. To make everyone do recycle. We must pay make them pay if they don’t recycle. Because if you don’t then they will not be going to recycle, we will lose the resources that we can use, will make the environment worse. And mostly, it costs a lot to sanitize or throws it away.


Essay – Automobile changes your Life Quality

This is another writing that I’ve done at Hagwon.
I wrote this thing a long time a go, so it might be weird 🙁

Automobile changes your Life Quality

Imagine you have to go to Busan, but you don’t have a car. Then, you must be very exhausted after your trip. It’s because your own automobile, is private. No one could ever ride it unless you allow them to do it, or your automobile got stolen by some strangers. But if you don’t have an automobile. You have 4 different Choices. One, Ride an Airplane, which is super expensive. Second, Ride a Bus, which Bus is very small and it’s very uncomfortable to sit next to the strangers. Third, Ride a Train, which is also cheaper than the airplane but still expensive, and Lastly, Walking. Which You will be find yourself in the Hospital or the place you never know.

And also, those transportations do not go to every place in the earth. So that means, if you don’t have a car, then you will going to have only limited places that you can go which is very uncomfortable. As you can see here. Automobiles are most comfortable, and economic way to go other places since it’s private, saves money, and mostly, no one cares if you eat something.

Imagine that no one in this country has their own automobile, then what will happen? Probably, everyone will try to use the buses, subways, taxies, etc. Which these transportations are very limited, and if every people is using it, then they will have to buy a new one. But since everyone is using it, it will still ruin environment because bus is making more gases and co2s.

Lastly, Do you know most of the people thinks automobile does nothing but just ruins our environment? Sadly, they mostly think like that. But in fact, it’s not true. Automobiles can make environment better. For example, Hydrogen electric Vehicles needs clean air that does not have any fine dusts. So when Vehicles run, they cleans the 26.9kg of air every hour , which it is the same amount of air that 48.9 average Adults Breath. They removes 97% of fine dust but doing 3 step Air Purifying System. And also the cars created lately makes only little amount of gases, or some of them does not even make little amount of it. So now you should now that Automobile can purify the air which is great thing for our environment.

Most of the people thinks that automobile makes our environment worse and that leads to a such a bad idea that thinking we doesn’t need any automobile. But as a result of, we need to have an automobile to go somewhere easily without getting interrupted, and also, for bonus, it makes our environment better if you uses Hydrogen electric Vehicles. So now all of you can know why we need automobile.


Short Essay – Children should go Hagwon. (YES)

The following essay is the short peice of writing that I did at Hagwon.

                    Everyone has unless one experience that made you to have a hard time while studying. And one of the most common reason is, that you have no one to get a help you and ask a question. And that’s why Hagwon exists. It is true that there are some negative points about Hagwon, yes, it is true, but most of them are not important or only affects to few students. To make our future brighter and better, it is necessary to go to Hagwon.

                    Everyone would have experienced hard time while studying yourself without no one’s help. Well, that makes you to suffer from study and makes studying boring. But, with hagwon, you wouldn’t have to worry about it. You can always ask Hagwon teachers who’s always ready to help you. This way is better than Google or any other resources because they’re professional at their subject.

Also, they force you to study. This can be feeling like awkward, but it is not. Most of the students do not study if someone does not force them to study. And If no one does, then they would not study and might get a bad grade at their exam, and this defiantly affects to your future and can be an obstacle Later. But Hagwon forces you to study by giving them many homework’s and exams. I’m sure do not like hagwon now, but you’ll defiantly thank them later.

Although there are many ways to study, Hagwon is the best choice because It helps you from a hard time during studying, and they forces you to do your job. So you should not think Hagwon as a devil to make you suffer, but should think that they’re your kind study helper. Because you’ll defiantly thank them later!

Well, I think this is super short, but having everything inside!
( Since I’m super NOOB to writing an Essay, my writing might be weird :< )



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